Electric wires - Again... with sketch examples

Patrik B shared this feedback 21 months ago


I know you guys already tought about it many times, but as modern machies can be divided to 2 main areas (or three), mechanical and electrical things (and programs/codes) i think this topic worth yet an other writing.

As many others, I'd also like electricity wires in the game as an optional thing. It is a great challenge and i hate to see ships that are cut in halves and are still working, trying to auto correct movements. Ive read you didn't implement it because it would make things too complex. For making this a little simpler, electrical installations could share electricity if they are next to each other. I wouldnt even make a seperate connector model (as some said), let it automatically detect if an electrical installation is next to the wire block and than the wireblock model changes to a model witch has got a connector.

So, my idea in a little more detail:

  • -starts flowing from generator block
  • -wire block let it flow further
  • -there are big consumers (thrusters, factory blocks, turrets, etc) and small consumers (lamps, doors, computers, etc)
  • -all electric consumers (both small and big) share electricity with the blocks that are right next to them
  • -armor blocks and small consumers only transmit low voltage witch is meant for small consumers

B option: there could also be a proximity/wireless charger block which only transmits low voltage and armor and small blocks doesnt transmit electricity at all.

C option: A and B options could be mixed, so armor blocks and small consumers transmit electricity but there are also proximity/wireless chargers.

Edit: i forgot something. Conveyors could act as wires also as a secondary function, so there is no need to make two type of block lines parallel to each other.

What do you think?

Regards, Patrik



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Okay that doesn't seem to be a bad idea.

It might be complicated to set up in a ship, except if they one day implement compound blocks so that you can place wires in the same bock space of a light bulb for instance. A solution would consist in making the wire blocks actual armor blocks but wired.

But the wireless charger is not a thing because it's not realistic. Electric current can't go through vacuum nor air because of its electrical resistance so it needs cables to go through.

Briefly, considering the current limits of the game in terms of construction, I would not agree with this change for practical reasons except if they one day implement compound blocks.


I think even if its not possible to build a wireless charger like that, it would be something forgivable, like gravity generators and a few others. I could live without it if ppl really dont like it, but we could also call it small transformator which transmits electricity through nearby walls (small cables in default walls), and its basic operation could be the same or similar.


We should go even further. Cables should be "in" LA HA or Interior blocks. HV a LV idea is good, but what about data cables? This concept would be great in future. For exmple, if rocket hits "Cable block" some system would be off then. Players have to thing on, where cables trases should be.