Earthlike Lighting changes

Kuroshi shared this feedback 3 years ago

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Keen, could you update SE lighting to be like ME? ME looks REALLY GOOD in SE, I ported the Medieval planet and the lighting/atmosphere they use and it looks way nicer than that yellow pee like filter you added on Earthlike that remained the same since 2015 until when it went full release. I don't like my shiny dark color ships looking like they been covered in pollen especially the DLC silver.

Here a link to a few mods that updates SE looks to ME levels and it looks proper like a normal Earthlike planet. I really hope you look at them Keen and update Earthlike atmosphere. I can't stomach how nasty that yellow filter is on dark ships...and worse of all its spreading to other Earthlike inspired modded planets.

Earthlike with Medieval Atmosphere:

Medieval rendering settings in SE:

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