Dyson Sphere a possibility?

Paul Wooster shared this feedback 2 years ago

First of all, I'm not a programmer, so apologise if this seems silly....!

My basic understanding of 'world' is effectively just a visible shell that the player sees? There is nothing inside? Instead of showing the graphics on the outside skin of the sphere, can it not be shown on the inside? Then the sun, (or a similar graphical light source) fixed in position in the centre?

If there would be a performance issue with the player seeing the whole planet in one go, perhaps have anything over a certain distance fogged out? There would also need to be a letterbox style entrance and some kind of outer shell so it looks nice from space too.

Anyway, just an idea and would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Thanks in advance

Paul 'Woostyboy' Wooster.

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Where is the center of space?


Hi Tim. I don't know, but what I mean in the post above is the centre of the Dyson Sphere. That's where the light source would need to be.


In SE sun is orbiting planets.