Discreet On/Off Commands for all Blocks

No Thanks shared this feedback 4 years ago

I feel this has been something the game needed for a good long while but it's never been given any attention whatsoever.

When using timer blocks, sometimes you have the option to "toggle ON", "toggle OFF", and sometimes you can only Toggle On/Off... I have no idea why this is the way it is but it's a continual pain in the jawn. There really should be discreet, separate commands for everything A block can do.., Toggle Conveyor On/Off has such limited and laughable usefulness that I have to assume it is, and always has been a joke. Various blocks have this issue... and some blocks have just about every command mapped out individually to use in timer blocks and on tool bars... This needs to be the status quo, and if you can make it so I can on and off everything on some blocks... there shouldn't be that much of a roadblock preventing it from being used on the rest.

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