Default "Custom Game Settings" and "Custom Settings Default"

Dylanthalus Codus shared this feedback 2 years ago

So you've boot up SE, you're creating a new solar system and you've setup all your customized settings (boy, it would be nice to set your own customized default settings instead of having to customize them every time). You're ready to setup mods.

You start to look through your mod list, one by one, trying to put certain ones in the a certain order and making sure you didn't accidentally miss that one critical mod you need at game startup. Then, after like 20 minutes of trying to setup just the right game for you, you accidentally hit escape twice and you back out of your new game with no progress at all. Back to the new game blues as you once again go through all the steps to hopefully get all your settings and mods right.

What SE needs is the ability to create a game, and immediately prior to launching it, you are allowed to save the settings including all the mods you've added. You can then start you game, and 3 hours later decide you started at a horrible spot and just try again, loading a new game using your customized default game settings.

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The ability to custom certain game settings easier than going to the config file would be nice too. Want Earth with 1.5 times the gravity, adjust a slide. Done.


I am not from Keen. A Keen representative may say I'm completely off-base with this statement though.

I have wanted this feature for a little bit, but I think it already exists. I took one of my save games and copied it to the CustomWorlds folder. I can start a new game with that new custom world with the settings I saved.

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