Default Co-op Assembler selection

Paul E Mak shared this feedback 2 years ago

If I have string of 5 Assemblers (or any number greater than 1), and I have four of them on Co-op mode, then I would like to see when you click on the Production tab that you default to the "main" assembler in the chain.

If you assign production to a sub-assembler, then the workload doesn't get transferred, AND, I'm finding it a pain to have to switch back to my main assembler frequently.

Suggestion: create a button on the Production tab to hide Co-op Assemblers (or only show "master" Assemblers).

"In my small world" I tend to only have one assembler chain in my base, so I'm seeing things through this lens. For larger bases (solo or MP), I'm trying to see how some sort of suggestion/potential fix would help them too - but I admit to not having too much experience with this (large bases with more than one Co-op Assembler chain). I'm open to other suggestions.

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Further to this, if I go to my Production tab, and "Assembler 5" is selected, I'll select "Assembler 1", assign my production items and go off and build. When I come back to the Production tab, "Assembler 5" is again selected - but that's not where I left off. There's got to be some default flag being set somewhere...


The default assembler is the newest built one, that means that if you have 4 assemblers (lets call them A1 to A4) being A1 the master, the moment you built another one (lets call it A5) A5 will become the default one. Idealy coop assemblers should be hidden on the <List of available assemblers> like you can hide things on the <control panel>.