Datapad Rack ( readable by prog-block )

Erik Per Lindgren shared this feedback 23 months ago

A block for Large and Small grids that accept one or more datapads.

Basically a simple "cargo" block with an inventory that only accepts datapads.

The pads can be read and possibly even written to using a programmable block via a simple interface, and thus used to store data.

Just a simple interface IMyDatarack.ReadSlot(<integer>) that either returns false/null for an empty slot, and a string for a filled one ( whatever is on the pad ) and a IMyDatarack.writeSlot(<integer>, <string>) that either returns true if it managed to write to the pad, and false if it failed ( too long, or an empty slot )

For ease of integration, the data is just plain text as currently on the pads, let the programmer figue out how to encode and decode the data, maybe through a JSON enccode/decode or Serialization encode/decode,

Possibilities if this is added:

* Storing a faction logo on a pad, that a programmable block writes to certain screens

* Sending / storing communications from a chat script

* storing gps coordinates for a navigation script ( cool scenario, find abandoned shipt with a gps storage of an enemy base system ? )

* assembler part list for a ship that is blueprinted

and many MANY other things

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I have a rather extensive wish list when it comes to datapads:

- Please add a button "Read Only" and maybe even "Encrypted" for the creator of the datapad.

- And of course store the name (or Steam/ ID) of the creator with the content.

We could use datapads as libraries of lore for the role players without having them edited over time by random people.

They can become valuable items to trade as well. If the Store block shows the title I know what to buy.

- Please expose their title in the Store block, instead of just displaying "Datapad".

- Would be nice to have it display a monospaced picture or sprites.

- Could hold Lottery Tickets, Treasure Maps, Novels, News, Code, Access Tokens, etc,

- Make them colorable!

- Expand the max chars to 4K.

- A dedicated reader block, small and large, would be awesome.

Thank you!