Damage States (Like Build States)

Alterae shared this feedback 4 years ago

So, every block in Space Engineers has build states, as it's being constructed. My idea is that each block also has 'Damage States' wherein, if a block is damaged, the model will change to reflect that, showing more scratches when damaged but functional, and showing damage (like holes, gashes, cracks) when damaged below the red line.. This would make it substantially easier to identify broken blocks, and increase immersion, since rather than simply sparking and emitting flames, a broken block will now have a gaping hole in the side, or something, in addition to the particle effect.

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Really doable for large ship terminal blocks (working blocks) It may require some work from 3D artist to make few damaged versions/states of that blocks.

Not sure for Armor blocks as with the deformations are not capable to do this. The deformations will disappear on 3D model change.

I was thinking about this too as in PVP the players that crossfire really easy disassemble the room without any knowing of block state (yeah they spark if bottom of red line but that is too late). Also some blocks collapse on single rifle clip... but that is other topic.


Yeah, armor doesn't really need damage states, since the deformation already does that well. But pretty much everything else is hard to tell when it's damaged.

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