CTRL Z matched velocity to support fleet jumping. (Fixed)

Rivvion shared this feedback 2 years ago

Currently' Jump-drive blocks can only jump a grid or grids that are connected through landing gear, connector' or welded together with merge-blocks.

When people have multiple ships in their faction that they want to move to a location as a fleet in formation;

They'd have to connect their ships together with the method's listed above, Disconnecting after jump for each ship to start getting in position or formation.

Or they have to count down a ''three two one, NOW'' and hope that their clients synced up enough for them to jump out at the same time after each of their 10 second countdown.

Even if ships manage to get the timing right, they result in arriving scattered all round the destination. having to regroup which takes time.

I'd like to suggest that the CTRL Z matching velocity adds a feature where ships can jump as a fleet without the need for connecting, they will arrive together in the same formation.

(but the location of where the fleet arrives around the destination is still the same, a little random.)

A fleet of ships can only jump as a fleet if these conditions are met:

> All ships have enough jump-drives with enough power charged in them to make the jump.

> All ships are of the same faction/ neutral or at peace with each other to prevent enemies following fleeing ships hoping to jump to safety.

> All ships must remain within (matching velocity) range of each other,

Your ship will cancel it's jump if you leave the maximum range.

> When a ship wants to initiate a jump it will act as a ''leader''. the other ships are ''followers'' that need to match velocity to sign up for the fleet jump.

> ''Follower'' ships can not join a fleet jump by matching speed with other ''follower'' ships,

this is to prevent enemies of the ''leader'' ship from sneaking their way into evacuation efforts.

Just to keep things fair and secure.

TLDR If you want to jump somewhere and you want your friendlies to go with you; your friendlies have to press CTRL Z on YOU and not on each other. Enemies can't do this.

If you didn't mean to join a fleet jump, you can simply press CTRL Z to stop matching speed and it'll cancel your jump procedure.

all of this is subject to change depending on balance or fairness.

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This is abusable. Imagine saturating a jump zone with ships locked in formation so that they invariably collide with something at the target coordinates. The random location and guaranteed minimum radius exists for a reason.


What if the follower ships have less of a jump range than the leader ship?


''A fleet of ships can only jump as a fleet if these conditions are met:''

''> All ships have enough jump-drives with enough power charged in them to make the jump.''

enough jump drives implies they have enough distance coverage to join the fleet jump.

if a grid doesn't have enough, it either doesn't jump.

Or alternatively, the ''leader ship'' could receive a message when trying to initiate a fleet jump

that some of the fleet grids don't have enough, giving the option to cancel or go through with it anyway'

(Y'know, in case you're evacuating a battlefield and some of your ships have damaged jump drives.)