Crosshair should disappear when hiding hud.

Brusi shared this feedback 2 years ago


First things first. I know that there is already one suggestion like this, so I'am sorry for reposting, but for my defence I can say that it's 6 months old and still in "submitted" form.

Dear Keen Software House, please make our crosshairs disappear when pressing "Tab" twice, it's really annoying to have to go through all that options just to turn it off for 1 minute and then go back and turn it on again. It cannot be that hard, right? It's already done in Medieval Engineers after all.

Thanks for stopping by and once again sorry for reposting.

Best regards.


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I second this motion!


Taking screenshots of a great event is hard, because you can't just quickly take a screen, you have to go through menus to disable crosshair first, hoping the scene is still intact. Great SE screenshots are awesome, especially from real survival situations, where you need your crosshair enabled, so it would be nice if you could quickly tab to hide everything for a screenshot, then tab again for the menus to appear.

I would also suggest putting a tick box into F1 "Show on-screen help" instead of having it as one of the TAB stages. We would have just 2 stages - No hud for screenshots, normal hud with crosshair for gameplay.

Also, in options, keep the crosshair option for people who want to play with hud but without crosshair. Perhaps a crosshair drop down menu? Crosshair settings:

(Normal crosshair. Always show crosshair. Always hide crosshair.)


Bump- 3 threads asking for the same thing, one is 6 months old; stop dragging your feet keen and implement this simple request.


Thanks for bumping. I really hope they will finaly change this ._.

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