Create an incentive/reason to go to other planets

Julian Schrader shared this feedback 4 months ago

Something like different material you can only get from mars etc. apart from Platinum.

You could change the ore used to craft maybe the nuclear reactor, some kind of (fictional) alloy so you need to progress to other planets to get that technology. So you need figure out your way to travel to your outposts on other planets to transport that kind of material to your main base or space station.

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Would love a practical incentive and I am surprised there isn't one already. For example KSP has research value and contracts in specific planets that are too valuable to skip.

No need for Keen to make extra assets -- they could just have some research triggers/mats/enemy bases etc etc to those planets. Scarce resources is a great mod for the time being. Hopefully if I find the time (and that's a big if) I will be able to work on it.