Crashed Ships - In Survival - Proposal

Regis shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hello community & devs!

Firstly please check the attached screenshot. So i was in single-player, doing a TITAN start / survival.

TITAN is the moon of Alien Planet, it has no oxygen, 0.25g gravity and at an altitude of 3000 meters the gravity is 0.

So a few minutes passed, i believe it was sometime after the first unknown signal spawned, and a White [non hostile] Military Escored poped up on screen at around 9km. Anyway so i ignored it, tho' if i come to think about it i could have probably captured it. And i started building my tiny starting platform, gathered some Fe Ni Co Si, got my Basic Refinery, Basic Assembler, Survival Kit, H2O Generator, Small Cargo & about 3-4 Wind Turbines. And i noticed the Military Escort did not despawn, also it was closer to me, at about 5km. And it wasn't moving, distance wasn't decreasing, wasn't increasing. So ... like Scooby Doo & the gang, I had to investigate!

To my surprise, the Military Escort, crashed on TITAN on it's own, and it was an awesome suprise!

Other ships like the freighters & miner ships never crashed before, but i suspect the military escort crashed because it's made of heavy armor, and gravity got hold of it.

Anyway this was a nice suprise, KEEN make this happen more often, with random types of ships. Like an active encounter, 2 enemy factions fight above a planet, like and the looser crashes to planet where we can salvage it and the winner goes away. Or simply a random crash. I would hate for this to happen to often, because it would damage the terrain so maybe it could happen once every 4 real days and maybe the ships crash in the same location. A large planet like Earth could have 5 crash location, while moons can have only 2.

Cheers, this was a RANDOM but nice surprise.

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There is already a mod that does this, I'm sure there are probably more but Steam still hasn't given us a proper way to search by "Popularity + Relevance" yet.

From what I know, from modding the game myself, this isn't doable strictly because of the way ships spawn in the world, there would be no way, (aside from a new enemy AI alternative, one that steers towards either the Player or the nearest source of gravity), to implement this without basically updating the "Spawn" system, which would break every "Spawn"-based mod.

I hope something like this could be done to the Vanilla game though.

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