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Ryukki shared this feedback 4 years ago

For the love of Clang can we please get some way to heal ourselves when we are exploring away from our bases. Its such a big hassle to fly all the way back to your base or ship when your out exploring because a interior turret nearly kills you or when a gatling bullet use to injure you((The horrible insane knockback is a instant kill if your on something solid.)) or the most annoying way to die when the jetpack insanely strong thrusters bumps into something and kills you. It would be nice to use a medical kit,bandage or anything to heal. The medical component even looks like a medkit! It would be nice to heal without traveling all the way back or respawning and losing everything without feeling like your made out of glass.

Also a mod introduce a way to heal yourself with vials and its SOOO helpful.

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Plus medical station without respawn, just for replenishment and healing - also on small grid.


I like to start “naked” on a world, i.e., only hand tools and, if on an airless world, an oxygen bottle. Power is the problem, and soon the player’s suit is discharged and they die. The proposed solution or adding power cells to drop pod inventories would go a long way to playing in this mode.


Having Medkits and Power Cells drop from the bonus pods is one thing. Having Medkits fill up my inventory because I don't need them is another. There are never enough Power Cells and too many Medkits. Please introduce some way to assemble and disassemble the Medkits and Power Cells so that I can at least have enough energy to get to the trade station and back through space (So I don't waste my H2 fighting gravity) instead of having to only win, buy, or sell them. Medkits don't do much good when most things have a habit of instakilling you and suit energy never lasts very long in the cold of space. Very rarely do I end up with a situation where the Medkit is actually useful because my health is somewhere at 25%-50%. Most of the time I have either slight damage not worth noting or I am dead and have respawned in the Medical Bay. Power Cells however are always consumed within the first few minutes of being in space without a vehicle or base to restock energy. Being able to assemble and disassemble the items would be a great help. Suit battery life sucks too bad to be able to go anywhere useful.

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