Conveyor frame small ports and 6 large port hub, for smallships

Digi shared this feedback 3 years ago

Smallship conveyors could be made more compact with these 2 additions:

  • Add small ports to conveyor frame and make it closed instead of open, similar to how the conveyor sorter is closed and similar to the connector's small side ports.
  • Add a medium conveyor hub but with all sides large ports.

Comments (3)


add to this, a large grid conveyor junction with less ports, for those many many places where a tube is unacceptable either due to airtightness reasons, or for construction reasons, no unsafe tubes etc.



I would like to see full block "armored" variants of all the tubes. I really hate to put in a poor performing conveyor junction to just keep something airtight. I can't even use a cargo container either, since it also has opening on all sides.

Also second the small ship conveyor frame with small conveyor attachments. The current conveyor junction on small ships is too large to be of any practical use. If I'm going to use that much space, I'll just place a medium cargo container there instead.


Yes, more options please.