Controller rebinding?

Spartan132 shared this feedback 2 years ago

I like using a controller to fly my ships. The default layout works pretty well as is. But there's no way to actually to rebind any of the buttons. The main issue I ran into is with the B button (Xbox controller) When flying, the B button triggers your downward thrusters. Which is fine. But the same button also toggles your landing gear and connectors.

What does that mean exactly? Well if you tap the B button to slowly land somewhere. You get to listen to your landing gear turn on and off repeatedly. Also, if you're towing a smaller ship via a connector. Pressing B disengages the connection. Meaning your small ship will fall off its connector and crater into the ground.

This sucks. If I wanna land. I gotta just switch to my keyboard, Or reach over and tap the C key so I don't lose my smaller ships.

I'm happy with the game otherwise. I just hope the devs have plans on fixing this.

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This as been requested for 3 full years now...

Upvoted many times.

It's a basic feature of any games involving a controller.

Please implement it.