'Control' button in projector

Andrey Kleshchev shared this feedback 15 months ago

Please, add 'Control' button into projector's menu.

Function: when players clicks the button keyboard starts to control projection's position. So now 'W' key modifies forward offset, 'A' - horizontal e t c. (not sure about rotation, might be better to use Insert/delete)

Reason: modifying opacity of the menu or moving all projector-movement options to control seat are an awkward workaround at best. And I imagine it is even more pressing for XBox players.

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Very good idea!

I had the same idea a few days ago and created a mod for this:

Multigrid Projector Extra

Despite the mod's name this feature also works without the MGP plugin, just with the vanilla game.

It is not a Control button, but better: You can place an action on a cockpit/seat/RC toolbar and start/stop the manual alignment by that one.

See the video on how it works.