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domingo shared this feedback 5 years ago

Each button on control bar could have it's icon changed (also name, but it is not visible without going to 'G' menu).

The bar would be then less confusing to look at when using more complicated setup (like the difference between turning on/off battery and recharge on/off - they looks same).

Plus add a plenty of icons to choose from.

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plus changeable color of the icon - foreground, background ...


Yes! My scenario is that I group my Assemblers with their Speed Modules (4 modules and 1 assembler), and my Refineries with their Yield Modules (again 4 modules and 1 refinery). So now my toolbar has 9 generic icons for "On/Off". I don't know which are my Assembler groups and which are my Refinery groups (unless I memorize them, which I do :( ).

So, in my Control Station, I would like to be able to:

  1. Change the icon for a user-made group
  2. Have some text appear for a user-made group, either by default (somehow), or by being able to "free up" the mouse cursor (eg by holding down the CTRL key) and mouse-over the icon (and have a "tool tip" type text show up).

Please, please, please, thank you.

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