Colorblindness support + extended UI/HUD customization

RabidDuckSauce shared this feedback 5 months ago

Something I have struggled with throughout my time in space engineers is the lack of colorblind support settings. A friend of mine has trouble with the UI and things like GPS coordinates, and I have trouble distinguishing green and yellow colors tints which can make a lot of things really blend together in certain situations.

Specifically I was thinking of another request option I've seen floating around that would help a lot of colorblind people aswell as just being a really neat feature which is the ability to recolor your HUD, UI, GPS markers, and a setting which allows players to tweak general color filters or post processing within the game without being too powerful for people to exploit.

These settings I believe would be a huge help for us colorblind folks while also being a cool extra little thing people can tweak in game to customize the things were always looking at more to their liking.

I'm also really bad at explaining things so if anyone has any ideas or opinions regarding this matter please leave a comment, i'd love to see people express their opinions with this :)

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Also I'm aware that mods exist that change colors of different aspects of space engineers but being able to recolor a lot more things than the mods do and to do so in real time yourself within your settings would allow players to tweak on the fly and allow them to change things to exactly how they like it


Unequivocally yes!