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DrizztTheDrow shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hi - I would like to suggest that windows can be painted with a skin which removes the smudges (or at least most of them).

Simple as that really - while it may be less noticeable on a planet, in space it is pretty immersion breaking to be looking out at a view and be able to see endless dirty marks on the glass.

There have been attempts to mod this but currently i have not found a single working one.


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UPDATE: a helpful soul on the Steam discussion boards pointed me to this mod - which appears to be the only working clean window mod on the workshop - all hail Aviegarien!


ADDITIONAL NOTE ABOUT CACHING: It looks like SE performs caching the first time a block is loaded in a session - so be aware that for the referenced mod to work (and likely for any mod which modifies textures for vanilla blocks), any relevant block must be loaded for the first time in a session in a save where the mod is active (i.e already exists in the save or is created before loading from another save)


1. start a new empty world with no mods and paste a 1x1 window - it will have smudges

2. then save that and start a new world with the clean windows mod active and paste a 1x2 window - it will be clean - BUT then paste a 1x1 window and it will have smudges

3. then reload the original save (with no mods) and paste a 1x2 window - it will be clean (but the 1x1 window will still have smudges)

4. THEN exit SE and start it again - whichever save is loaded first will determine whether all the 1x1 and 1x2 windows will be clean or dirty for that session - i.e until SE is exited and restarted - at which point the same rules will apply again

so do be aware if having problems with these kind of mods that this caching occurs and remember to test with not only a clean world, but also from a fresh SE startup

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