Clang exploding parts in flying ships at loading process

Volker Trauth shared this feedback 15 months ago

I regularly find parts in ships which I have flying around long distance by autopilot missing and I think it is because of explosion, as adjacent grid blocks are missing also or show deformations.

This happens with mod parts, rotors and thrusters.

I suspect the loading of a save game puts creations with certain parts in perrill. So I suggest KEEN adjusts the loading procedure of a save game in such way no explosions can happen. For example, I can imagine it could help when all autopiloted ships get stopped when a save is made, and autopilot starts up and continues planned voyage when this save game is being loaded. This way no danger from things moving fast while the game is loaded may occur, leading to described explosions.

Screen shot shows the result of such findings on autopiloted ships (small grid).

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I get this from loading into a save I had a rover lowered and everything set, but I quit out without saving to revert one thing that led to both of rovers crashing into a hole as one was a remote control cargo rover that I had connected to the other via the front connector of it. I loads a save before lifting the piston crane up and taking the two rovers away, destroying the large cargo container that is holding it together.

I'm on the Xbox Beta