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kill2die shared this feedback 3 years ago

Hey there,

it would be awesome to have some kind of Claim / Destroyed Log.

So you see for example if something got destroyed by someone or hacked and taken over.

Greets Michael

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Definitely a good idea to build trust and stop griefers. And to promote cooperations


+1. Many players first notice in chat is: "My mothership/station is gone. Was probably player X attacking me." That leads to some false accusations I presume, so it would be nice to just know why your grid lost some functionality while you were offline.

I once added a notice "please do not destroy again" on a LCD and when I logged in all my turrets were destroyed. Turns out a neutral player's drones got shot down by my "defenses" so he disabled them and he left a note himself after reading mine.

Extra points for a replay of the action that we can watch to improve our defenses. :-)


"a neutral player's drones got shot down by my "defenses" so he disabled them"

Ha, that just means two things:

  • That neutral player is knowingly trespassing.
  • If your your defense grid is that easily disabled, it isn't defensive enough.


*Bump* It struck me again today. Logged in, base on Titan gone - every little block. We need this grid log even if it is just showing the 3 options: player, admin and cleanup. Was it a bug? Did I build something bad that had to be removed by an admin? Was it a player? Simply knowing that - in other words, if it was regular game-play action or higher force - would help me sleep better after logging off.

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