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Dying Dark Star shared this feedback 2 years ago

Before I start I would like to clarify on what i mean by Character NPCs. When i say Character NPCs i mean NPCs that are NOT grids or drones ie NPCs like wolves and spiders those are Character NPCs now to the idea/suggestion/request.


I like playing solo a lot (manly because my friends don't have a pc lol) and the PvE is really lacking in this game and it feels really empty. So I would like to ask that we get more Character NPCs to make it feel more alive especially in solo. add in human NPCs that you can trade with and also get contracts from, also to fight (like pirate Character NPCs) and also Hire to do stuff for you (like they can mine for you and also help with Building and Deconstructing of grids and Defending them) and to help the NPC navigating on ships/stations there could be an in game tool used for pathfinding maybe and an NPC that can infect your ship and will cause havoc on your ship/station if not dealt with (something kinda like the infestation from warframe or the spiders can infest your ships/stations if not careful) to add more "danger" and also fix the AI to the Wolves and spiders and allow the spiders to destroy blocks again

links here are related and inspired me to make this

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I also forgot humanoid Alien NPC and you get their "technology" kinda as a end game type of thing


Here's a mod with some character NPCs in it though description says it most likely won't work for ME. Probably Keen could look over the logic...would be neat to add code to do repairs and take the place of missions / contracts / trade in stations. You could have one sitting behind a counter or at a table in a bar, etc.


primarily it would be lovely to get a working copy of the program to generate behaviors. there is a lot in the system for NPC's spawning and I've put out a number of mods that try to expand what life there is in on the planets. generally, it's disappointing that keen have never expanded this beyond basic wolves and jump scare spiders.