Can't unlock MERGE BLOCK in research tree

YAKFLY shared this feedback 16 months ago

Hi team I can't really see if its a bug or something else :

I'm playing a survival mode, "crashed red ship".

Quite advanced in this game, unlocked almost everything but MERGE BLOCK still appear in grey despite the fact all blocks in same raw are all unlocked.

I tried everything I can think of to release it, without success.

- Is there anything special with this scenario about merge block ?

- Could it be a bug?

Please help.

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I am not from Keen, and I posted a response before but it is gone now.

The images you provided (under the gravity generators) do not show a merge block, and I think what you think looks like a merge block is a jump drive. I started a new game with progression, had merge block (under solar panel/wind generator) grayed out, made a solar panel, and merge block unlocked.



Thanks for answer. In picture 2, Merge Block is paired on top right corner with piston Right ?

"Block de liaison" in French.

But thanks to your answer I discovered that pistons can be unlocked either via :

- Basic assembler AND battery

- OR, solar panel or Windmill.

I never realized that some blocks where at multiple places in research tree.

In this scenario I never built any solar or windmill because Red crashed ship comes with two nuclear generators and lots of Uranium.

Many thanks to you all, I learned something today {;oP


Yes, picture 2 has merge block and piston. But that is for using the mouse-wheel to select blocks and has nothing to do with the progression tree. That is completely off-topic for your question.