Bring Ship Power Status to the HUD

Geneticus0 shared this feedback 4 years ago

In the old UI there was a panel that would show all of the power resource groups and would tell you what systems were overloaded and non functional if you were under power. When that went away in the new HUD, we were able to compensate with block scripts and LCD panels. With scripts unavailable in non-experimental mode, this is no longer an option. Since the old HUD was text based, it would need a different perspective to work in the current HUD. (See Attached File or go to: )

What I would imagine is a panel with vertical bars for each power resource SubType:

  • If a block SubType was not on the Station or Ship, it's bar would not be added.
  • Batteries would have two bars (per SubType), one for batteries discharging and one for batteries charging.
  • Additional bars of each category would be added if small and large block items were on the same power grid(connector, rotor, etc) because they have different SubTypes.
  • A setting would be added to the Power Provider blocks in the sbc: bool ShowOnHUD default is false if not present.
  • Path to Icon File in .sbc (Not sure best location)
  • Should have toggleable modes( Will need a keybind to rotate modes):
    • Minimal - short bars, small icons, no text
    • Compact - Short bars, normal icon size
    • Visual - full size, no text
    • Pragmatic - full size, no icons, has text
    • Full - detail as shown in mockup
    • Off - not displayed

Addendum: Either move the current power bar to this as an anchor OR leave the existing one in place and put the text values for Time Remaining, Current Watts Consumed/ Current Watts Produced in to the header/Footer of the Hud Panel.

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Yes, coming from Starmade and EVE Online, such a feature is greatly missed. True, I can check each individual power-generating, power-storing, and power-consuming part, but if the grid contains dozens, hundreds of solar panels, batteries, refineries, and whatnot, that gets boring rather quickly. So, Keen, can we have a power summary panel for our ships, please?


Or, as a compromise, collate the information in the terminal when selecting multiple parts at once, or even a group of parts. Collating controls is already a thing, as in, ability to, say, switch multiple thrusters; collating information feels like it should be a thing, too.

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