Bring back Steering Rate adjustment please

Suicide Neil shared this feedback 3 years ago

Ever since the Steering Rate option was removed, we have had to suffer form jerky steering regardless of what remaining options we try to adjust- changing the steering angle makes no difference obviously. Either we need the slider for Steering Rate re-added, or the current setting needs to be dialled down in order to give us smoother steering with mouse & keyboard.

( for those who don't know, Steering Rate was an option that allowed you to set how quickly the steering reacts to left and right turns, A & D on the keyboard, essentially acting like an exponential adjustment. A low setting gave nice gentle turns, a high setting gave very sharp and jerky turns- which is what we have now and it's not good for making subtle course corrections in a rover... )

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Bump- having the ability to turn side to side more gradually would go a long way to making rovers easier to drive at higher speeds without flipping...

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