Bounty system suggestion for official servers

Gaz shared this feedback 20 months ago

- Space pirate players can put Marks (private bounties) on players (at certain cooldowns, limited marks / tracking crews available, maybe even a high cost of credits to hire a tracking crew)

- When a space pirate player marks a player, a bounty for the pirate player will appear on stations

- These bounty contracts can be taken once for each non-pirate player from an NPC station (Non-pirate players should have an easier time working together)

- Bounty/Mark GPS system gives location of pursuer and target, accuracy depending on distance (15 km - 1.5 km)

The more reputation players get with the pirate faction, the lower the Mark cooldown becomes, the more perks should be unlocked and the higher the reward should be for their bounty. Completing a mark should also give an extra reputation and credit reward for the pirate.

Now, what I'm imagining is, pirate players can hunt new players this way, but seaoned players can also obtain a bounty for the pirate at the same time and defend the new player if he calls for help. He will receive a warning message that he is being pursued and the GPS signal of the approximate location of the pirate, the same way the pirate does.

There should be a certain amount of time for a new player to be unmarkable or maybe even a certain condition (for instance, unlocking a certain threshold in the progression tree, i.e: built his first weapon block).

Attacking pirate player owned grids should increase reputation with other non player factions.

The duration of Mark should be around 30 minutes to an hour, this should give the marked player some opportunity of counterplay if the odds are against him, and dissapear from the radar after being chased for a while.

A little background information:

In my survival playthroughs on official servers I have seen multiple playstyles emerging. There are certain factions dedicated to helping new players and wiping out raiders (for example Guardians of Avalon) and there are certain factions who like to build an infamous reputation for themselves.

I think the system I'm proposing will seamlessly fit in the player-perceived game flow of Space Engineers Survival Multiplayer.

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I agree With this in principle but have a suggestion for implementation.

1. Often when your grids get raided whilst you are offline, unless the player hacks a block ant leaves it intact you don't no who did it.

2. We currently have the reputation system, so when someone attacks you, their rep with your faction falls.

3. If you look at a faction, you can see your reputation with them.

But there is no way for a faction leader to see what people's rep is with their faction.

For example, if Gaz looses 200 rep with GOA, I can not see this change as the GOA leader.

I suggest implementing the abilities.

1. Be able to search for player name and see their rep with your faction.

2. Be able to put bounties in Contract blocks you own for players with low reputation.

This will allow people to initiate revenge attacks and hold pirates and raiders to account. As these factions fight, reputations on both sides will lower allowing for full scale wars to be held with allies able to join in.



Yeah definitely agree with point 1, however with point 2 it's basically the same as my Marking suggestion, it should really have a cooldown or only limited availability, because this can be exploited in many ways if implemented improperly.

I think any other way than letting NPC factions and a cooldown for Marks handle this mechanic can lead to exploits.

Also, the offline raiding part, I meant you can only put Marks on *online* players of course, it should be impossible to track where a person is when he is offline or after the chase is over. Maybe there should also be a cooldown for players who have recently been marked in order to avert potential spam marking the same person over and over. This can still in many ways lead to larger scale conflicts as it can easily concern people of high interest on the server. A lot can be at stake through this system.

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