Blueprint Screen - Help/Indicator for Local and Workshop Blueprints

Daniel Dupuis shared this feedback 5 years ago

Hi Keen Team!

New idea about Workshop Blueprints in the Blueprint screen :

There should be a better indicator about "Local Blueprint" linked to "Workshop Blueprint" in the new list.

1 - We should see a "Tag" > "Local and Workshop" < next to the published items to easily see and know that they are linked.

2 - A red frame could be added around the Local Blueprint to specify (help) that it is this one that we have to edit to update our Workshop item.

Also a red frame around the thumbnail of the Local Blueprint (on published items) could be a good indicator for not deleting this one because linked to the Workshop.

It's not much but I think it will become easier to see the linked ones "Local + Workshop" and btw add some "Help/Information" on those Published Blueprints in that list about "How to".

Thank you! :)

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Yes to this!


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