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Pedro Pimenta shared this feedback 2 years ago

Hi. Thanks for creating such a great game.

My feedback: whenever I'm building something and run out of components, I must memorize what is missing and it's quantity. For every block. For every trip. And I'm forgetful! (which is why I'm only writing about this now)

I know that when using assemblers you have the option to build the whole block; but what if I only need some of the components, and/or want to overbuild them?

Thanks for the attention!

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I agree. A nice feature would be to have, say, the Right Mouse Button on the Hand Wielder set to "memorize missing components". This list can be of two main uses:

First, when I go to my cargo box filled with components, there is a button or mouse command to attempt to "take only what's memorized". So it fills my suit inventory with all the components I marked before, until my inventory is full (and I get an according message). Only components that were transferred this way get deleted from the list, so when I welded the parts I collected, i can get the rest on a second trip or more.

Second, if the number of componets available in the container is not satisfying the number of missing components in the list, I get a notification on my HUD (24xSteelPlates, 3xLargeSteelTubes missing) and can go to my assembler or change to the production tab and have a button or mouse command available to "produce only memorized" components

If you go on with this idea, keyboard buttons (Ctrl/Alt?) could change the behaviour of the "memorize missing components" feature to "add to existing list" or "substract from list"

It would also be a nice touch if you had this feature only on the higher or highest tier wielder tool (at least in survival). In that way you still start with memorizing components yourself, but could work to make this feature available.


Something like this would be great:

Right click on unfinished block to create a list of missing items. Lists can stack.

Right click on a conveyor system to drain all items from the list.


This is already a mod "Easy Inventory" (more or less)... After I've played with it, I cannot play SE without it... It takes all the faff of inventory management away from the gameplay and lets you build without running back and forth because you forgot 12 steel plates...

But it shouldn't have to be a mod! This basic functionality should be in the base game in some shape or form...


"Easy Inventory" is one of those quality of life improvement mod, that are just a must have, once you know how the game works and like build a lot of thing with in a survival environment.

Despite that the extra action you need to take, to ensure your inventory gets filled up with the proper components what feels a bit clunky, it still beats attempting to memorize everything.

This is one of those mods I hope will end up getting picked up and added to the game and improved upon.

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