block mass changes with build state

Copycat80 shared this feedback 5 years ago

It defies the laws of phisics that a ship can GAIN mass if a welder partially builds blocks onto itself.

Perhaps make it so that armor blocks have varing mass dependent on thier build states. It does not make sense that a light armor block weighs the same with 1 steel plate in it as a fully build 1.

It would be nice to have a way to create "skeletal" ships that use placed armor blocks to create some sort of lattice or framework that is super light.

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When I started to play SE I kept building ships with minimally built armor blocks thinking that this means less mass at the price of structural weakness, lol :) Then I bitterly learnt on my own skin that only structural strength is affected :(

I think this is smthing natural to have in the game and it is not hard to implement.

Just found this idea now when I wanted to add it myself.

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