Better Procedural Asteroids for better game play

High Ground shared this feedback 4 years ago

The current way in which Procedural asteroids are place was good for the early game when the world was small but there is no real reason to go to any particular place on the map.

I recommend building a mini solar system, where there are asteroids belts where a planet's orbit would be nice ring that circles the map. Plus for asteroids near planets I recommend using Lagrange Points (see attached image) for asteroid placement location near planets. This would make the game more realistic, Plus it would force players in to area where they are more likely to run into each other.

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I like this a lot, but instead of decreasing the asteroid concentration in normal space, and increasing it in asteroid belts or Lagrange points, just increase the concentration at those points and areas, and don't decrease the concentration at all. When players search for specific materials in the early game, maybe their in a space pod or a hand-made ship, recently launched from a moon or planet, it takes ages to find the right resource you need. I feel that if KSWH decreases the normal space concentration, this will lead to more time searching, and only players with jump drives or that spawned near/in the asteroid belt will have the resources they need to create.

Again, I like this idea a lot, but also, I think people should have the choice in the game advanced settings before the world is launched to choose if they want the higher asteroid concentration at the Lagrange points/asteroid belt or not.

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