Better physics attempt 2

Thales Benetti Vieira Vaz shared this feedback 5 months ago

My bad English is a problem...

The game haven't a realistic physic. If you put turbines only in one side, the ship will not spin, for example. I don't know if it's possible, but I want suggest the vetor sum of turbines and the calculation of mass center to make the physic of game more realistic. It's can turn the game more defiant to builders.

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Years ago i sugested using thrusters for steering rather than gyros, cos they are nothingh but dead weight and a waste of PCU.

Satelites use gyros IRL for small adjoustments so they dont have to use limited fuel for small corections.

Now if you have a large amount of ice and full reactors of uranium than you dont need gyros, you can yaw, rotate, pitch, roll, whatever if you have some form of thrusters placed properly to make it posible.

And since thrusters are very underpowered in this game and you basicaly have to use extra large amounts of them to make a ship movable, especialy if you build with heavy blocks- that shouldnt be a problem. They are everywhere anyway.

But ney ney ney, the glorious Keen crew decides what is realistic and what not, they are above the god and science themselves.

They make fancy quotes about engineering on the loading screen, than act in the completly oposite way.

What purpose is adding thousands of tonnes of gyroscopes for somethingh that you could do with a couple thrusters that you alredy have.

Complete imbecility.


(Portuguese) Vamos mostrar para eles que não concordamos com isso. Até conrdo que deixaria o jogo mais complexo e sei o quanto isso da medo de os jogadores abandonarem, mas quanto mais votos essa sugestão tiver, mais eles vão perceber que estão errados.


This is what google translate gave me from your text:

Let's show them that we don't agree with that. I even think it would make the game more complex and I know how much it fears players to abandon it, but the more votes this suggestion has, the more they will realize they are wrong.

You are right and i agree, i liked it.

Now maybe in the next 10 years they will fix it.

Not likely tho, sadly.

And i claim that based on experience, not on opinion and halucianations and other stuff.