Best friend of SPRT....

Benjamin Süßmann shared this feedback 2 years ago

I played on a PVP server with 20 - 30 other players. And I started on Alien Planet. The problem I had was that I killed much spiders to protect myself and build a station. My reputation with SPRT was increased very fast and than every other NPC faction AND SPRT have bounty contracts on me. 1.000.000 CR for killing me. The problem is: If a other player accept a bounty contract for killing me he see my position, doesn´t matter where I am in the world. So I have no chance to survive. Because much players jumping to Alien planet and fly to my station and destroyed it. And I respawned in space to get acces to all resources. But 5 Minutes later there was an other player killing me. I must start again. And than 5 Minutes later ... same problem.... endless attacking by others and no chance to build something.

Please fix that. Bounty is a great thing but EVERY Faction had bounty contract against me and my GPS Position Is always actually for a Hunter...

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whoa thats crazy can't believe they over look this... though I guess they play with npcs off because they never did fix them once they broke them.

I been slaughtering npcs for fun and yea my rep with pirates been growing too


Honestly, just dividing the world into regions (Earth, Earth orbit, Moon, Moon orbit, etc.) and showing which one the targeted player is in would be fine. They can sit in Deep Space all they want, but going to trade stations is dangerous.


I'm on a small client server with my friend, however, we have killed a bunch of wolves on earth.

This now means that every pirate associated faction is our friend now?....

So the treat we initially had is now totally gone. We're totally save just by killing of wolves.

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