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Alex shared this feedback 3 years ago

During this public test I found an SPRT safe zone station. That gave me an idea: will I be able to trade with SPRT if I have enough reputation or not. I changed my rep using alt+f10 menu and found out some interesting things.

First of all, SPRT sell random items: thruster components (the only place I found them for some reason), tools, consumables. But they don’t buy anything, that’s strange.

Second, their contracts are random, but escort one is bugged: SPRT cargo ship gets attacked by SPRT drones, which means 90% of drones just fly around it and ignore the ship and player.

Random SPRT encounters and cargo ships don’t attack player, but they still spawn drones.

Other factions’ cargo ships attack player, but don’t call for backup.

In conclusion i would say that it would be a cool idea to make pirating a way to progress in this game and develop it further. Add special bonuses and penalties for being with SPRT, for example, you will be hunt down by npc police (like in EEM) and/or players, but protected by SPRT stations. Another good idea would be adding SPRT-exclusive contracts (for example, HUNT, take down the enemy ship protected by drones before it jumps out) and sell orders (ability to buy cargo ships like military escort or mining carriage or some battle ships, ability to sell/buy ammo, e.t.c)

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I actually in-game leveled my SPRT faction to neutral, but I could not interact with any SPRT stations. This should be changed!

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