Being able to keep inventory in MP

Cuek shared this feedback 3 years ago

I strongly think we should be able to turn off the needs of cryopods to keep the inventory in multiplayer, when i play with friends on a private server in survival they lose their inventory.

And i know that it makes sense in huge servers to avoid exploits and stuff, but when in private my friends and me would love to be able to disconnect whenever we want without having to stay in cryos. Thanks for reading my suggestion.

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This is still a huge problem with random disconnects. I understand keeping the body in the world until death, when not in a cryopod, but inventory should be saved in that body regardless. In the case of death, treat it like the player had died normally and spawn the loot bag for a little while. The cryopod is not a fix for this, nor is it a good design choice. The pod does nothing if someone disconnects from the host because of a connectivity issue (such as today, when Steam's servers died briefly and forced both the host, me, and the client, my fiance sitting next to me, to disconnect). Random disconnects are far beyond the player's control. Don't punish people for something they have no choice over.

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