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Gas Boi shared this feedback 5 years ago

How about adding a battery for the suit? like an oxygen or hydrogen bottle, so we can make things easier, not only because energy drains a little bit fast, but it takes a long time to get the energy back from a medical room, and for charging the battery suit again it's simple to put it in a normal battery like we put the bottles in the o2/h2 generator.

But the battery suit seems op, how about adding it with only 2 uses, and making it a little bit expensive so the crafting requires the value of 5-10 power cells and some other materials.

I could see this battery in the game and saving a lot of people from problems while building bases or doing some other stuff ^^

(Sorry for any misspell if there's any, english isn't my main language c; )

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I agree, we need something like this. I'm not a fan of nerfing their uses at such a low number. maybe like 10 full depletions or something, or that they cant ever hit 0 or they die permanently. Also possibly instead of nerfing by usecount, make them -super- heavy/bulky, so you can only have 1 or 2 in your inventory.

I'd love to go and make this as a mod myself, but idk where to even start.


That would be cool!Electric charge is already reload-able inside cockpits and medical rooms, just like health, oxygen and hydrogen. Would make sense if it had extra mobile package, just like the ladder ones.


This became even more necessary after the survival upgrade. In this cool and especially freezing environment, have the suit wear out more energy to keep the engineer warm.This portable battery can be recharged in the inventory of the hydrogen engine and the nuclear reactor.




Bump- there are numerous threads discussing how annoying it is to keep running out of energy every 5 minutes, why has keen not addressed this yet?

Did you know, real space suits have enough power to run the suits life support system for over 8 hours- having to recharge every 5 minutes when in space is ridiculous; increase the duration of the suits energy, or give us some space suit battery packs that we can carry in inventory, just like o2 and h2 bottles.

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