Availability of ore deposits difficult option

Boldtaar shared this feedback 14 months ago

Finding some ore deposit can be hard for new players but many players want more of a challenge and fight over the best deposits. Make a ore amount option in advanced world settings when creating a new world to set the availability of ore deposits.

Right now you can find every ore type you need in within 5km on the earth like planet. IRL mineral types are more common in different areas on the planet and some areas are really poor.

I like to see more clusters based deposit and different sizes. Bigger deposit should be more uncommon and deeper underground. Make different geographic areas have more or less of of different types ore deposits (or none at all) to create more movement for players on a planet.

Add add 2-3 really large deposit on a planet and a data pads in the local NPC station to sell the GPS-coordinates.

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Also a tired ore quality system would be nice so you can find ore with better or lower quality