Autosave works after the game is unpaused

Santibag shared this feedback 3 years ago

I don't know how it actually works. Whether if the game makes saves while being paused or just countdown continues. I don't think the first one is the case. It seems like backup saves are not being affected.

I always see the autosave notification after unpausing. This suggests that autosave works when the game is paused for a while and then unpaused.

PS: Sorry, I accidentally submitted in ideas topic.

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I just loaded the world and got log the file. I never played the game after loading. Just paused and wrote something. There are still 3 autosaves done.

1-Started the game. An autosave immediately done at 23:07 as clearly seen in the log file. Then I paused the game

2-After hanging for a while here, I unpaused and paused rapidly. An autosave at 23:17 can be seen in the log file.

3-Again, I never played and repeated the unpause-pause process. Another autosave is seen in the log at 23:23

It doesn't make autosave while the game is paused, since the autosave intervals are different. If autosave was done while the game was paused, the autosave intervals would be equal(just telling my ideas).

So, if the autosave time is come and the game is paused, autosave done immediately after unpausing. This affects backup saves, which is 5 by default. It causes loss of some backups.

Please, let the game only do the autosave if the game is not paused.

Note: If you wonder the time difference between the end of the first autosave and the first pause, I checked a connector if it was still connected. As I expected, it was disconnected after loading.