Autosave does not save the (world) Storage directory to the Backup directory

GTW2017 shared this feedback 20 months ago

Hello, it's just a little thing.

As a modder, I have previously used the (world) Storage directory to store variable modes (also for logs from modes).

However, because the STORAGE directory is not stored in the Backup directory, the state of the variables is not consistent when the game is restored from the Backup directory, and if the state of the variables was changed after Autosave (or after the end of the play with the save option).

Therefore, I now use Entity Storage (and ModGuid) to store block variables and Session Save to store the global variables of my mode.

Would you be able to save the world including the (world) Storage directory to the Backup/...datetime... directory?

Thanks for your attention.

(Google translation from Czech :))

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I am having a similar problem. When I edit advanced settings to have more backup saves I can not keep anything more than 5 backups even if I have set the maximum number of backup saves to 433. Since I have my days set to 24 literal Hours and I get saved at 5 minute increments and data is cheap at the current 11 or so MB because I have the most of 2 TB to save to it would be nothing to save up to 433 times for just over a day and a half of saves... The only problem is that no matter how many times I set the saves to more than 5 it always resets the number of saves back to 5 and never seems to save more than 5 at all no matter what it is set to. This is a bug in the intended programming as of update 1.194.211 and the current Advanced Settings for Max Auto Saves is broken for anything other than the set 5 saves it started with.