Autoreplace DLC blocks for non-DLC people

Akuukis shared this feedback 2 years ago

Problem: It would be chaotic if most of workshop items would have DLC version and non-DLC version. I think that will end up workshop ignoring DLC blocks, or non-DLC left out. lose-lose situation.

Proposal: Autoreplace DLC items for non-DLC people. DLC cockpit to vanilla cockpit. That will allow blueprint creators to use DLC as they wish, and non-DLC people wouldn't be left out. win-win.

Far fetched idea version: make the same replacement system compatible for modded blocks, so that they could assign "replacement block" version that game would respect of mod is not active.

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It's not like the DLC is overpriced. Get a job and stop whining


Listen here kid, he's trying to be very polite, and did not "whine" about anything. If you are not willing to discuss this properly, get the fuck out, please.

IMO this DLC bullshit is absolutely unnecessary. THIS does not fit SE, and this is not what SE should be like.

This is absolutely the wrong way to go. Even tho I understand that development costs money, especially for a game like SE, but this is the wrong way to get it. It splits the playerbase, it even splits the foking game in two halfs.

I rather pay 10 bucks, just to support them, and nothing in exchange, instead of buying this disguised EA bullshittery

im disappointed in KSH, I never believed they would get such an shitty idea.


Hey, I insta-bought the DLC because I have a job and I want to support KSH. Back to topic...

I'm aware that not everyone will buy it, either for financial reasons, for "DLC bullshit" reasons, or any other reason. I think that's pretty obvious. Therefore, I don't want that great blueprint creators are hindered to use DLC just because not everyone would be able to use them.


I can agree that this could lead to some problems with people not owning the dlc.

Adding a failover option in the mod sdk for dlc decor stuff to non deco stuff sounds good, but there are some that dont have such

just add some hint in the workshop if it's dlc stuff or not would be the easist way propably


This is from the Review section:

Nice little collection of items, however if other people don't buy the DLC they cannot USE anything that comes in this pack. Which at first thought you might think that makes sense.

However for example, the cockpit is designed for industrial ships like a mining or welding ship which these ships are normally shared between everyone on the team. This restricts you from putting the cockpit on these ships unless everyone at your base owns the DLC or of course, you are the only one using that ship.

Should the DLC prevent anyone without the DLC from building the blocks, of course. However others should be able to use them.

The person with the DLC still has to be around to rebuild the block if for example the cockpit gets destroyed which can happen in many, many different ways in this game.


understand the dev team wanting funds. I'm sure the community would be more than happy to contribute, voluntarily. But this method is less like a

'support us by buying this'

and much more of a

'you can't use this unless you pay'.

Which given how many other games DLC work, seems very unfair and will separate the player base.

Is there a point to removing all functionality of the block to players? Or is it simply

'you haven't paid for, it so you can't use it'.

(You can already see the maturity in that sentence) *sarcasm*


if im playing in a game and there is a dlc block present can I grind it down if not your doing this wrong I don't want to build it I don't want to use it but if I cant destroy every block in game not directly under admin protection rules then we have a problem