Audio Issues experienced ingame, Campaign

Gabriel H shared this feedback 2 years ago


I've enjoyed the first campaign ingame, it was very well done, not very long tho but it very enjoyable. My problem is with Audio. When I got to the MineSite on the moon down bellow where I had some action between me and the security drones the sound cut out so i couldn't hear anything. The ingame menu sound was there. The same happed again duringthe battle where you tried to break into the enemy base with the tank.

Other sound issues ingame experienced in the Campagin was when I used the medical bay the sound made "rechargeing" was stuck in a loop. In general sounds got stuck in loops.

I went to the audio settings ingame and unchecked the box where it says "Mute when Inactive" which temporarly brought back all audio but then the audio looping sound issue happend. Could this be simply a performance isssue or something else?