Assemblers didnt save Work Mode between Save\Reloads World

Zombie 03 shared this feedback 4 years ago

Version =1.194.081

After loading saved world Assembler [Disassemble] queue moves to [Assemble] queue, and Work mode switched from [Disassemble] to [Assemble]

In Vanilla version, No modes, Any game save.

Steps to Reproduce:

1 set [Disassemble]

2 add some stuff to queue

3 Save world

4 Reload, F5 for instance

5 check assembler

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This problem can be fixed in 10 minutes. Just save in xml state of assembler.

It reproduces in 100% games. Easy to catch, easy to fix...

Why you need 4 topics to fix that?


The real problem for you, when people on modded servers with high speed assemblers tries to disassemble tools, before game restart it will switch to assemble and produce thousands of welders / grinders, and it will lead to 0.2 sim


and also 13 months its not enough time to fix this problem since first case was reported

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