Armor and Wheels are way too -strong-

Vas Vadum shared this feedback 2 years ago

I hadn't played in about a year, so I have no idea when this update happened that made wheels totally and utterly invulnerable to impact damage or make light armor as strong as diamond plated depleted uranium 10 foot thick walls.

I dropped a rover from earth orbit, landing at maximum possible velocity. Landed directly on my wheels. Lost nothing at all. Slightly damaged my Survival Kit but that was it.

I crashed into a mountain and my cockpit took like, no damage, wheels survived, and the light armor barely dented. At a high velocity even. Whatever update buffed wheels and armor broke the game, this is -ridiculously- powerful armor. I could probably just paint my ship in wheels, drop it from orbit and land just fine.

I mean really, you guys buffed something because people complained about it but you buffed it over 9000% to have the exact opposite effect. Light armor might as well be a wall of pure diamond, and heavy armor, whats that, a planet in a cube?

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I honestly agree, grids should get plastered considering the thickness armor is supposed to have.