Area Effect Jump Drives, Interdictors

Ian Hatchett shared this feedback 2 years ago

Change Jump Drives to area of effect devices.

Obviously this leads to Jump Drives to be used offensively, but increased power costs could be used to balance this out.

This could allow Jump Drives to jump not only the current vessel, but nearby vessels as well. Small area Jump Drives could remove a small portion of a large ship as an escape pod.

Jump Interdictor devices could be used to “lock down” areas, preventing a jump drive from affecting the area within it.

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Yeah no, way too much potential for abuse when you start adding jump drive nullifiers. The other big thing is that those jump drives would potentially have to calculate for that extra mass they're taking with them in a specific area. This would greatly increase calculations and potentially severely reduce the jump radius of the drive. Overall these sound like massive unnecessary nerfs.

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