Anti-Griefing Measures are more annoying than they are worth

Nikolas March shared this feedback 29 days ago

the recently added 'need to own a block on a grid to access the non-ownables on a grid' and the not so recently added 'need to be Majority Owner of a grid to paint' anti-griefer additions are causing more complaints than the griefing ever did, as well as making co-op MP gameplay frustrating, can we please just do something with them, to allow trusted players, like faction leaders can paint and access blocks just as easily as the majority owner can?

Or just do away with them both, if a player has a 'not very nice person' in their faction, tough, its on them for letting someone that they dont know in... in the case of accidental painting errors, maybe make it it that you need to be Big Owner to be able to paint whole grid in one shot...

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Yes please. The changes to the paint system is some of the worst things that were changed. Make it an option if you're set on keeping it, have a toggle in world settings for "Allow faction members to repaint faction grids"

It's frustrating to take over a build for someone in your faction and not be able to repaint as needed.