An idea to increase the speed limit

Michele Faedi shared this feedback 19 months ago

I know that increase the speed limit may be difficult and cause many problems but I think that is a must to increase the game physics and the survival enjoyment (the mining is very borig: to go from an asteroid to another sometimes require even 20 minutes).

This is my idea: when near some asteroid or ship the speed is limited to 100m/s, but when in open space the speed is limited to 1000m/s.

Now the clue: when a player go near an asteroid or a ship the sim speed in an area around the player slow down and adapt in order to elaborate the movement and the collision correctly. Doing so in multiplayer the other player will see the ship slow down then crush slowly and fall apart. With this method the game does not have do calculate all the damage in a fraction of a second making the game fps go to 1frame at minute.

Please make this post become popular and write some comments to my idea.

Thank you