Ambient Music Off button

Baba Yaga shared this feedback 4 years ago

The idea I would like to suggest is to add a button that turns off the in-game music without interfering with sounds played by sound blocks.

I have been away from space engineers for awhile and just came back to it. I use to have some sound mods set up so it plays music while I am cruising around and the music was coming from my sound blocks. Now there is a in-game ambient music that wasn't there before. When I use the music volume control, I cant hear my sound blocks. It is getting frustrating.

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Just did some testing and found whats going on. Every sound that is played by the sound block that cant use the loop option, uses the 'Music Volume' control. While every sound the can be looped, uses the 'Sound Volume' control. I am actually thinking this is more of a bug then needs a idea of suggestion. I will make a post in the bug reports about this.

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