Almost PERFECT. But needs to be more "immersive"

Ismael shared this feedback 5 months ago

Hi! I absolutelly love this game and all the work you did at. But guys, please, we need more "annoyng bad guys" for us in the sandbox single play or local server. What i mean is more enemyes as optional activation in server configs. Pirates, or whatever activelly seraching the player, doing exporadic attacks and disturbing by sending drones or even NPC's ins sort of "little drop pod" (and of course this could be an alternative for some resources you need for compensations and balance, becouse of reasons). I builded an entire huge ship and did not have to worry about defend myself absolutelly NEVER. It feel a little boring sometimes not have to worry about drones and enemyes attacking you (enemies other than just those standard animals, who are always the same, by the way), since you CAN build turrets and, by the way, you literaly BEGUIN WITH A GUN AT YOUR PILOT SEAT! An about NPC enemyes and drones i mean VANILLA ones, created by a close or not so close base, that ACTIVELLY competes with you for resources, seeks nd mine it too! And not that ones given by installing mods that overpopulate the entire map and make my PC grow body builder's arms and legs and try to beat me to death. That makes me to think about strategyes too, for example, steal some iron from some pirates, instead mining stone, just because the bastards are mining dangerously close to the player, but keeping the current options too. So please, we NEED MORE RESITENCE to deal with. You could do this in the next DLC, that I will certainly buy with pleasure. And thank you for this awesome game.

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*chuckle* so more immersion for you is a less boring game by adding more hostilities? :>

For me it would be enough to add more encounters in general not necessarily hostile, even neutral or friendly but some curioustiy vistis at your start location after some time of your working noise and then your reaction descied if the encounter ends friendly or hostile.

I really would like some native life on planets we emergency land on and then we have to be diplomatic about or simply shoot our way.