Allow timer increments of less than 1.0 seconds

CptSavarus shared this feedback 5 years ago

If memory serves, it used to be possible to set Timer blocks with delays of less than 1.0 seconds.

The results were never particularly accurate or reliable but it was a useful feature & allowed for some very precise automation control.

Currently however, Timer blocks cannot have delays of less than 1.0 seconds.

I propose to allow Timer delay increments of 0.1 seconds... or at the very least 0.5 seconds.

This would make it possible for Timer blocks to control increases / decreases in other block attributes (such as Rotor speed, Piston extension, suspension height offset, etc) much more smoothly while those blocks were in motion - IE without the changes appearing "jumpy".


2 pairs of timers that fully raise & lower the suspension on a wheeled vehicle, allowing it to drop down to the ground for personel access or raise up for travelling.

Timer pair 1 raises the suspension to maximum. Pair 2 lowers it to minimum.

The movement happens by 1 iincrease / decrease "increment" every 1.0 seconds, which is very slow & "jarry" to watch. If the movement could happen every 0.1 seconds instead, it'd appear much more fluid.

Here's a workshop item to demonstrate the principal...

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There's actually more to this. You can set the delay in the block to the nearest 0.1 seconds, but when you copy and paste it it changes to the nearest second. Also, if you set it to 8 seconds it changes to 7 after copy paste for some reason.

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