Allow programmable block to set projector offset

Dylan Isaac shared this feedback 18 months ago

From what I can tell the "IMyProjector" class' offset variables are set to "get" only, its an easy fix that would take a couple seconds, and if there is any reason why you cant that involves actual work then can you at least let us access the function that you use for the slider that lets us manually set the offset?

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I am not part of Keen.

Although true that you cannot access the offset variables, you can set the offset to a Vector3I which will allow you to change the offset. I tested this myself just now. This should do until Keen can check on it.


Please see IMyProjector the generated PB API listing

Access the ProjectionOffset and ProjectionRotation properties, they are Vector3I values as they should be. Look into that struct type and you will see why they encode all six sliders.

@Keen: You can close this ticket.