Allow non-DLC owners have functionality with DLC blocks

Gavin May shared this feedback 21 months ago

The new DLC decorative blocks is a great idea. But it 's still a scam.

We know the dev team want funds. I'm sure the community would be more than happy to contribute, voluntarily. But this method is less a

'support us by buying this'

and much more of a

'you can't use this unless you pay'.

Which given how many other games DLC work, is very unfair.

Yes, players who don't own the DLC shouldn't be able to place them, that makes sense. However, removing all functionality to players who don't own the DLC is implicitly forcing everyone to buy the decorative blocks. There are so many issues with this that will separate players.

It's not about the money. If players could use the blocks it's actually an advertisement for them to buy the DLC so they themselves can place the blocks.

No, this is about the ethics. That the devs are locking out players, showing they're willing to do that, for funds. Few people can see this argument and think it's about the $3...

Just let people have functional access, I can't sit on my mates couch, like really?... don't you see how ethically dumb that is?

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I do not agree with "scam" bs. (Sorry for "bs", but I believe it is similarly strong as blames about "scam", so, basically, it is earned.) I feel totally fine to be asked for money for this kind of DLC and this kind of content feels much better to buy than it was with previous DLC.

But I agree that functionality of blocks should be available to everyone. IMO if player does not have DLC he should still be able to use the block, so he can fully join RP of teammate who had placed the block in his ship or house or what ever it is. Placing, spawning, copy/pasting (what again means "placing") should be restricted. Can't check is it possible to repair damaged DLC block when you do not own DLC, but if not I tend to think it should be possible to do also.


Sure, scam, might be a bit vulgar language, probably to capture more attention. And the situation is comparable in nature.

Your 2nd paragraph, is precisely what I think works best. Currently, players can damage and repair blocks, and there fore 'own' them. But still do not have access to the blocks functionality.


@keen I believe this one is already solved.